It’s March 26th, 2021 as I’m launching this blog. Today, in the music world, we are living in an era of music streaming services such as Spotify, and Pandora.

These services are great if you want to peruse a company’s curated collection of music. I personally subscribe to Spotify Premium. I love it for new music and artists discovery. It doesn’t however (and will never) replace my own personal MP3 music collection.

I have launched this blog for a few purposes:

  1. to use in organizing my mp3 collection
  2. to list places online where mp3’s can be bought or obtained for free
  3. to write about my music collecting
  4. to list and link to music collecting websites and other music collectors websites.


As you look around this blog’s pages and posts, you will notice that not everything here is strictly related to mp3 music collecting. I have turned this blog site into a hub that is able to pull in content from my business website (THE BIG LIST), and my personal website (DDAVIDD). There are also Twitter widgets installed that can keep you updated on my business Twitter happenings. My personal Twitter accounts are currently suspened. I am waiting to see if they will be unsuspended, so they are no widgets for those.


This blog has a theme, but I don’t like it. It’s not exactly ugly I don’t think, but it’s a generic look obtained by using WordPress’s color scheme generator for the Colinear template I’m using. By the way, a tip: I use the Colinear theme on all of my websites and blogs. When time permits I am going to work on creating my background image for this site, and will play around with it’s color scheme to make the look more personal to my own liking. For now, we all just have to deal with the way it looks.


Unlike 99% of my blogs and websites hosted by WordPress.com, I have opened up likes and commenting on this blog. The reason for this is to try and build a community for music collectors who still enjoy collecting music in mp3 format and carrying their collections still on mp3 players and their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

I am moderating comments. Anything that slightly resembles spam will be immediately deleted. I am attached at the hip to my WordPress app on all of my smartphones, and so I usually get around pretty quickly to seeing new comments when they come. If I see a comment that doesn’t look useful to this community, it will be deleted. I already don’t like moderating comments (which is why I normally turn them off), so please don’t waste your time or mine. Also, comment settings are set to mark a comment as spam if a comment includes more than one url in them.


Site header photo credit: This photo by Oleg Sergeichik.