Photo credit: Nathan Oakley.

I always love doing these “Hello World!” posts whenever I start a new blog… and then I usually end up forgetting to maintain the blog. Hopefully that won’t happen this time around lol.

Here I am to announce my new blog called MP3 CULTURE. This one will focus on my mp3 collection as well as posting links where mp3’s can be purchased, or obtained for free. I have been a music collector since my mid-teen years. I’m 50 now at the time I’m launching this blog… and yes, I’ve collected a ton of music… and I continue to do so at least once a month. Through this blog I hope to connect with other music collectors and link to their websites and form a community of music collectors (of sorts)… a blogging community that is.


And that is pretty much what this blog is. Today, in the music world, we are living in an era of music streaming services such as Spotify, and Pandora.

These services are great if you want to peruse a company’s curated collection of music. I personally subscribe to Spotify Premium. I love it for new music and artists discovery. It doesn’t however (and will never) replace my own personal MP3 music collection.

With Spotify I can stream at will any available music album in their inventory. That’s great, but I don’t always have an internet connection, or have a very low signal to get online with. This can be very frustrating. This is one reason why an mp3 collection is still relevant today. You don’t need an internet connection to use it, and you have all the music you personally like to hear readily available.

Also, Spotify doesn’t have EVERYTHING. I have remixes in my collection I’m pretty certain Spotify doesn’t have.

So in this blog I will be posting lists of tracks in my music collection… specifically my mp3 music collection.

I am recently starting over with reorganizing and recovering my music collection (what’s left of it) after a hard drive crash.

I’ve been digging through old DVD data discs that I burned years ago with mp3s collected from various sources. I am moving the files to flash drives and from there I am moving the files into collections. I’m finding it much easier to do this on the flash drives, rather than trying to fumble with dozens of DVD data discs since the flash drives hold more files and are faster to read and move data.

I will not be posting files for downloading through this blog. I know at some point someone will ask if I can share a file. That isn’t what this blog is for. This blog is simply to write about my collection and tell what I have in it. I’ve spent way too much time and money over the years building my music collection to sit around trying to give it away. Not to mention I’m a busy guy with many projects going all the time.

Since this blog will focus on mp3 music collections, I think it would be fun to write about old mp3 players, so I’m going to see what I can come up with as time permits for that. Those devices are becoming scarce these days due to the popularity and ability of today’s smartphones, but I think it would be fun to look back in history at some of the cool devices we used to love carrying in our pockets to listen to our music with.

So that’s my little introduction as to what this blog will be about. Follow along if you would like. Also if you are a music collector, leave a comment with a link to your website if you write about your music collections, or at least post tracklists of your collections. I may link to your website. I’ll be back on this blog soon. Thanks for checking out this post.